Friday, December 30, 2011

the spark.

Hello, my name is Laura and I'm a little bit of a self-help book junkie.  Most of my self-help purchases are related to weight loss or parenting.  I buy a book that I think will help me nail a particular issue in my life, then I don't have time to read it and it sits around making me feel guilty.  One of my New Year's Resolutions is to stop buying self help books.

Anyway, I received yet another self-help book for Christmas, off my Amazon wish-list.  At first I was like, I should just get rid of this, along with all the other books I don't have time to read.  Less guilt in 2012, that's the idea.  But then I was like, you know what?  We really should be spending more time outside.  It would be good for the kids and it would be good for me.  So instead of giving up before even starting, I decided to commit to this one self-improvement project.

The boys and I are going to go outside for 15 minutes every day, starting January 1, and we'll do it every single day for all of 2012.  They are also going to help me write this blog, I hope.  With the help of my fancy new phone, it should be pretty easy.  We're going to keep it super simple.  This will probably be the longest post ever to appear on this blog.  At least that's what you're hoping, right?

Please follow us as we take on this challenge, and wish us luck!

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