Thursday, January 19, 2012

Close enough.

I think we made it for 12 minutes today.   It's just so dang cold.  Not even as cold as yesterday but for some reason we found it harder to stay out.  

Things we did today:
-wrote names in snow
-pummeled a fallen snowman
-lifted large sticks
-played tag with Dad.  He was slower than usual due to his boots.

Maybe I need some more ideas for things to do when it's this cold?  I will go back to the book and try to find some ideas.  I could use something to help the time go by more quickly.  Brrrr.

While I complain about the cold, let me link to this Science Friday episode about enjoying winter.  At the time I found it very inspirational, especially the lady who phoned in from Anchorage.  Maybe I need to go back and listen to that again too. 

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