Thursday, January 12, 2012


One thing I really like about 15 Minutes Outside is that the ideas are all low or no cost.  The author isn't expecting you to go out and buy a lot of equipment before you start spending time outside.  That being said, there are a few things I would like to acquire in order to enrich our outside time.  I'm going to list them here for my own reference, and as a guide for any generous benefactor who may want to contribute to our efforts.  Your offers won't be turned away.  :)  I'm also going to be keeping my eyes out for good sales on these items, or maybe I'll score a few second-hand.  Price-wise, I want to aim mid-range for most of these items.  A person could probably find several of these items at a dollar store, but they would only end up in the garbage a few weeks later.  I don't want top dollar stuff, but I do want decent stuff that will last us, oh, a year or two?  That would be great.

-Flashlights.  For night time play.  Our house seems to eat flashlights and we could always a few extra flashlights.

-Magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes.  Fun tools for seeing nature in an up-close way.

-Pocket compasses.  This would be fun for when we're in the woods, I think.  Maybe my kids could develop a sense of direction beyond what I have.  That would be good!

-More sleds.  We have a couple and they are great.  But we could always use more, right?  I'd love an old-school toboggan that we all could ride on together.  Some of those shovel type sleds look really fun too.

-Scooters!  Okay, this is definitely a luxury item, but I'm dying to get these scooters for the boys (okay, and myself).  Friends of ours put up a video of their daughter riding one around the streets of Barcelona (where they are lucky enough to live), and I could tell by watching that her scooter handles way better than any scooter my kids have had.  We'll have to figure out if we can get them in the States.

-Winter wearables.  This one is tough because kids are going to outgrow them.  But they are necessary for having fun in the winter instead of just being miserably cold.  Maybe we could get a few years' use out of them, especially if we pass Simon's items down to Theo.  We need waterproof gloves, and could use long underwear or under armour for the kids to put under their clothes before we go out to play in the snow.  I also think Nate and I need some snowpants.  Those should last longer, as we won't be growing out of them.  We never have the proper attire when we go sledding, we just end up with lots of wet layers.  The boys have snowpants that fit them for the time being.  On boots I think we are okay right now.  So if we could get some proper waterproof gloves and some Under Armour type pieces to use for layering and staying warm, I think we'd be set.  Good thing, too, because the snow is finally here!  During today's outside time we'll get our first taste of real winter so far this year.

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