Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to feel like a super mom for under $6

The boys spent the day with their grandma while I worked on projects at home all day. I knew they wouldn't be home until late afternoon so I decided we would do our outside time in the dark today. I wanted to try an activity I had seen somewhere online. A glo-stick hunt.  I picked up some glo-sticks at Walmart while I was doing my grocery shopping earlier in the day.

I went outside before the boys and scattered glo-sticks around the yard. Then I told them to come out and try to find eight each. It was really fun. The first time was over too quickly so I gave the boys a flashlight and told them to walk around the block while I hid the glo-sticks again. I tried to make it harder this time around. It took a little longer. The boys seemed to like it a lot. They are rarely outside after dark so that made it extra fun.

After the second hunt we played a few rounds of Red Light, Green Light, Dynamite, Boom. Then we went inside for a dinner of pancakes.  I'm going to claim tonight as a smashing success.  Nighttime is fun.

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