Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little late afternoon football…

Today's outside time was short and sweet… a quick game of football with grandpa.  We did reach our quota of 15 minutes, though. 

A couple of thoughts to wrap up our first week:
-Being outside is just as good for me as it is for the boys.  I love the fresh air, even if I don't like the cold.  I am not hating winter like I have in the past.  That's a pretty huge turnaround for me, probably worth a whole post to itself.
-Not only is our time outside fun, but there is also a lovely grace period once we get back inside where the boys are calm and perhaps a little worn out and quiet.  They usually sit on the couch and look at books.  This peaceful time usually lasts at least 15 minutes; it's a great bonus.
-So far this has been so easy and so good that I wonder why I haven't always been doing this with my kids.....  I wish I had made this a priority a long time ago.  But I am glad I am doing it now.  And it feels great to have a goal and to be accomplishing that goal, little by little, each and every day.

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