Thursday, January 5, 2012

The magic of kids in the woods --- Day 5

Did you get outside today? If you live anywhere near me, I hope you had the chance, because it was an absolutely beautiful day. It felt like spring out there. Gorgeous.

So the kids were back to school today; break is officially over.  I hosted a lunch for some other mom friends to celebrate.  :)  It was good fun and put me in a great mood.  I was excited when I stepped out the door to pick up the boys from school and felt how warm it was.  I wanted to play outside!  First we had to take Simon to his piano lesson.  Then a quick trip back home to put on grubby shoes (thank goodness for that),  then to THE WOODS.  I love the woods.  The woods is hands down my favorite place to spend time with my kids.  It really is a magical place, as far as I'm concerned.  I love to see my kids run and explore and shout and throw things and turn things over and hoot and holler and study their surroundings.  The woods is a perfect place for all of that to happen, and I believe strongly that every child deserves the right to experience those things.  I'm so glad the weather and our schedule allowed us to visit the woods today.  We stayed for about an hour and had so much fun.

A few things we did:
-stomped in mud.  Mud everywhere.  Glad we wore proper shoes!
-found an acorn that had sprouted.  Simon was especially proud of this discovery.  He found it under a big rock.
-poked at ice with a stick.  This was the closest I would let them get to the water, despite their protests.
-took some cool silhouette photos as the sun set.  Then we went home and had soup for dinner.

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