Friday, January 13, 2012

A romp in the snow.

The snow is here. Also cold temperatures. Our day kind of got away from us yesterday. After school we had piano lessons, a stop by the gym, a trip to a store that had their winter stuff on sale. By the time we got home, darkness was falling. We bundled up and got out there. The boys, especially Simon, fought me the whole way. Did NOT want to go out. But as soon as we actually stepped out into the powdery stuff he changed his tune. I believe his exact words were "This is sweet!" So there you have it.

It being our first time out in the snow this year, I didn't know how successful we would be at keeping the heat in and the snow out.  Simon reported full warmth except for his forehead.  We have a new balaklava that should fix that for him next time.  Theo had a problem with snow getting in at his wrists.  I had his sleeves pulled over his mittens and velcroed tightly, but I think everything came apart when he stretched his arms widely.  So we'll have to work on that.  Any suggestions?  We have some baby-sized legwarmers that I have kept around for winter warmth purposes.  I'm thinking of doing mittens, then leg warmers, then coat.  That should keep his skin from coming in direct contact with the snow, anyway.

We'll definitely be out in the snow for the next couple of days.  After that it's supposed to warm up again.  I feel a little crazy for saying this, but I kind of hope this isn't our last snowfall of the year.  I'm having fun out there. 

going down the snowy slide.
snow angel examination.
more snow angels.  this fresh, powdery snow was perfect for them.

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