Monday, January 9, 2012

A sunny Monday

Another uncharacteristically beautiful January day. We didn't stay outside as long as I would have liked. I thought it was so nice outside that I wanted to stay out longer. But the boys asked to go inside after about 25 minutes. Maybe after all our woods time lately they were bored with our yard. Oh well. We had a good game of hide and seek tag and a bike ride around the block and that was it.
One other thing to note, quickly.  Today I used our outside time to break up a task that was causing anxiety for Simon, namely homework.  He had more than usual today and I could tell as soon as he walked out of school that he was stressed about it.  So I suggested that we get some homework done, take a break for our outside time, then finish the rest when we came back in.  I thought it worked out well.  Knowing he was going to get a break helped him power through the first leg, then having been outside in the fresh air helped him breeze through the remaining work once we got back inside.  I'm going to have to remember this tactic in the future.

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