Monday, January 16, 2012

This is how we bundle up.

Long undies.  Got these on sale for $10 and they are great.

Second pair of socks, extra long is good.

Regular clothes back on over under clothes.

Snow pants and boots.

Gloves and wrist protection.  Here Theo is holding up one arm with a baby legwarmer around his wrist, and one without, to illustrate the difference.  It helps a lot to have the cuff of the glove covered by some elastic like this.  For Simon I have been using a pair of socks with the feet cut off.
Final touches: face mask and coat.

We took these pictures on Saturday, to show the layers that go into our cold weather ensembles.  Bundled up in this way, the boys are set to play outside for about an hour before they start to get cold.  We romped around in the yard for about a half hour on Saturday before they got bored.  But other days they have stayed out longer, when we were doing something more exciting.  This might seem like a no-brainer to some more experienced outdoor adventurers, but for me this system of dressing is something of a revelation.  I never felt it was within my power to give my boys an hour of warmth in very cold temperatures, but now I know it is.  And that's awesome.

A friend serendipitously pointed out this blog post to me a couple weeks ago.  It was written back in September, but is very relevant to our current 15 minutes project.  Joanna Goddard writes about how she wants to take her son outside every day.  She introduced me to a saying, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing."  I can really appreciate that idea now that we are committed to going outside no matter what the weather.  It's all about PROPER ATTIRE.  It really is.  I am convinced.  I bought myself a pair of snow pants last week.  I haven't owned a pair of snow pants since I was a child.  Wow, what a difference they make.  I love them.  Anyway, the blog post bolstered my determination to keep up with our outside times.  Even the comments were interesting and enjoyable.......  it seems like European countries have a leg up on us Americans when it comes to playing outside in all types of weather.

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