Sunday, February 26, 2012

catching up....... man down.

This week was not too exciting on the outside time front.  Wednesday was pretty fun.  We spent about 40 minutes exploring the woods on the edge of my in-laws' property.  The boys explored some relics that boys from another era had left back there..... chairs, unfinished projects, giant pits half dug.  They they dismantled a rotting stump.  It was a really beautiful afternoon.

I can't exactly remember what we did on Thursday and Friday.  It turned cold again, and I think we just hung out in the yard shivering and dreaming of spring.

Saturday was a full day.  The boys went to play at a friends' house.......  I thought they were going to play outside while there, but they didn't.  Then the rest of the evening got away from us, and I ended up sending the boys out with Nate to walk around the block at 9 pm.  (Nate and I took a walk earlier in the day so I felt I had already met my requirement.)  Theo was complaining about his leg hurting but I still made him go out.  He was limping around the block, apparently, and Nate was irritatedly calling him to come on, thinking he was exaggerating his pain because he didn't want to be outside.

Then this morning he woke up and immediately started crying about how his leg hurt.  Our best guess is that he pulled a muscle at some point yesterday.  Needless to say, we both felt bad about making him limp around the block last night.  Oops!  We didn't know how badly he was really hurt.  So today he couldn't walk at all.  We carried him everywhere he needed to go....  he can't put any weight on that leg.  Poor kid.  I feel so bad for him, and am hoping he wakes up feeling better.

So today Theo skipped outside time since we started our project 57 days ago.  I didn't want to make him sit outside just so we could keep our streak unbroken.  Simon did spend time outside, wielding an axe, a hatchet, and a sledgehammer while helping his grandpa with some yardwork.  He enjoyed that.  It was a lovely day in spite of the crazy wind.

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