Saturday, February 4, 2012

catching up on this week.... and one month of 15 minutes.

-A chilly half hour on the playground after school.

-I was kind of down in the dumps and feeling yucky.  Asked the boys to go out without me and they made it probably 10 minutes, despite it being warm and sunny outside.  Later in the day I regretted not going out.  I needed my fresh air fix.  We decided to take a walk after dinner.  The boys think it's extra fun to be out in the dark.  They played some kind of game where they were hiding from all the cars that drove by, laying down in yards and on sidewalks, trying to blend in.  It was really funny.  I was so glad we took that walk.  The night air felt amazing, the moon was bright and beautiful.

-Took the computer out to the backyard and watched some videos on our favorite video blog.  Later, I brought out a bowl full of threads that I had trimmed off some fabric that I washed and ironed (sewing project in the works), and the boys scattered them in bushes around the yard.  We thought maybe birds would find them and use them to build their nests.

-A cold and wet day.  We took an extended neighborhood walk.  The boys were so engaged in a game they were playing that they forgot to complain.  :)

Soooooooooooooo, we're a month into our year of more outside time!  I feel pretty awesome about it.  I'm not sure if I've ever, in my life, tried to start a new habit and stuck with it every single day for a month.  That's pretty good, I have to say.  I don't have any deep thoughts about this month mark.  I do think this was the best January I've had in many years.  It could just be that the weather was unbelievably mild for an Illinois winter, but I like to think that it was more pleasant because we spent more time outside and could actually appreciate that mild weather.  I hope, at some point, to write about why this project has been so good for us and meaningful for me, but I don't have the time or the fully formed ideas right now.  I'll just say that I'm glad we 're doing it and that we're sticking with it, no matter what February might throw at us.

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  1. Love the strings for birds. Love the hiding from cars game. This has reminded me that at about age 12 a game of truth or dare ended with me having to run around the outside of my friend's house wearing only my underwear. Car dodging and hiding in bushes was involved. Unfortunately this only amounted to 3 minutes of outside time.