Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday, Monday

Yesterday we did our outside time separately.  The boys spend theirs with their grandpa, shooting bb guns and walking outside.  Nate and I took a walk on our own later. 

Today we went to a new-to-us park. My sister and her kids were with us for a while. Then we did some exploring on our own.  The trails were super muddy and I was kicking myself for not bringing boots.  But we had fun exploring a new woods so I decided not to worry about shoes.  We did have a little problem when the trail we were walking came out to a clearing which was not the clearing we were expecting (the one where our car was parked).  We had to go off-trail for a little while to find our way back.  Simon was really worried that we were lost and would be lost forever.  I just did my best to assure him that I had water, a phone, and a pretty decent sense of direction and that we would be okay.  And we were!  I thought it was a fun adventure.  It surely was a beautiful day.  We will definitely be going back to this park to explore more, but we'll wait for the ground to dry up.  And probably bring our boots just in case.

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