Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so much for daily posting....

Wow, it's been a long time.  We have still been going outside, but I haven't been making the blog a priority.  The last couple weeks have made going outside EASY and WONDERFUL.  Nobody needs a year-long challenge to get their butts outside during weather like we have been having.  The boys have spent hours upon hours outside every day, playing on the playground after school, playing with neighbors in yards.  It has been glorious.  I've been trying to get out there too, and have met my daily quota and then some.  But if it's a contest of how many minutes per day a person is spending outside, the boys are ahead by a landslide.  I still have work to get done and most of it has to be done inside.  I did take a big batch of onesies outside to paint them this weekend, which was nice.

So we've been mostly doing simple outside times, nothing exciting or too far off the beaten path.  This weekend, however, we took a day trip to Matthiessen State Park.  What a beautiful place.  We want to go back and explore the area more.  There is much more of Matthiessen to see, plus Starved Rock and I think some other nearby parks.  Nate's parents accompanied us on this trip and we had a great time.  There is something pretty magical about watching a grandpa teach his grandson to skip a rock.

Yesterday it got chilly, which was a harsh reality after such unusually warm weather for 2 weeks.  We took a family walk after dinner and I made the boys wear coats because I knew they'd complain of the cold otherwise.  They were not happy about putting on coats, though, I can tell you that.  I guess now that Spring is here we are ready for Summer.  :)

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